Source code for netpyne.cell.NML2SpikeSource

Module containing NeuroML2 spike source class


from neuron import h  # Import NEURON
from .compartCell import CompartCell
from ..specs import Dict


[docs] class NML2SpikeSource(CompartCell): """ Class to deal with NeuroML2 spike sources """
[docs] def associateGid(self, threshold=10.0): from .. import sim if sim.cfg.createNEURONObj: sim.pc.set_gid2node(self.gid, sim.rank) # this is the key call that assigns cell gid to a particular node nc = h.NetCon(self.secs['soma']['pointps'][self.tags['cellType']].hObj, None) #### nc.threshold = threshold # not used.... sim.pc.cell(self.gid, nc, 1) # associate a particular output stream of events del nc # discard netcon[self.gid] = len(
[docs] def initRandom(self): from .. import sim rand = h.Random() self.stims.append(Dict()) # add new stim to Cell object randContainer = self.stims[-1] randContainer['hRandom'] = rand randContainer['type'] = self.tags['cellType'] seed = sim.cfg.seeds['stim'] randContainer['seed'] = seed self.secs['soma']['pointps'][self.tags['cellType']].hObj.noiseFromRandom(rand) # use random number generator sim._init_stim_randomizer(rand, self.tags['pop'], self.tags['cellLabel'], seed) randContainer['hRandom'].negexp(1)
# print("Created Random: %s with %s (%s)"%(rand,seed, sim.cfg.seeds))