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Module supporting use of scale bars


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# -*- mode: python -*-
# Adapted from mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1
# LICENSE: Python Software Foundation (

from netpyne import __gui__

if __gui__:
    from matplotlib.offsetbox import AnchoredOffsetbox

[docs] class AnchoredScaleBar(AnchoredOffsetbox): def __init__( self, transform, sizex=0, sizey=0, labelx=None, labely=None, loc=4, pad=0.1, borderpad=0.1, sep=2, prop=None, barcolor="black", barwidth=None, **kwargs ): """ Draw a horizontal and/or vertical bar with the size in data coordinate of the give axes. A label will be drawn underneath (center-aligned). - transform : the coordinate frame (typically axes.transData) - sizex,sizey : width of x,y bar, in data units. 0 to omit - labelx,labely : labels for x,y bars; None to omit - loc : position in containing axes - pad, borderpad : padding, in fraction of the legend font size (or prop) - sep : separation between labels and bars in points. - **kwargs : additional arguments passed to base class constructor """ from matplotlib.patches import Rectangle from matplotlib.offsetbox import AuxTransformBox, VPacker, HPacker, TextArea, DrawingArea bars = AuxTransformBox(transform) if sizex: bars.add_artist(Rectangle((0, 0), sizex, 0, ec=barcolor, lw=barwidth, fc="none")) if sizey: bars.add_artist(Rectangle((0, 0), 0, sizey, ec=barcolor, lw=barwidth, fc="none")) if sizex and labelx: self.xlabel = TextArea(labelx, minimumdescent=False) bars = VPacker(children=[bars, self.xlabel], align="center", pad=0, sep=sep) if sizey and labely: self.ylabel = TextArea(labely) bars = HPacker(children=[self.ylabel, bars], align="center", pad=0, sep=sep) AnchoredOffsetbox.__init__( self, loc, pad=pad, borderpad=borderpad, child=bars, prop=prop, frameon=False, **kwargs )
except NameError: print("-nogui passed, matplotlib is unavailable")
[docs] def add_scalebar( ax, matchx=True, matchy=True, hidex=True, hidey=True, unitsx='', unitsy='', scalex=1, scaley=1, **kwargs ): """Add scalebars to axes Adds a set of scale bars to *ax*, matching the size to the ticks of the plot and optionally hiding the x and y axes - ax : the axis to attach ticks to - matchx,matchy : if True, set size of scale bars to spacing between ticks, if False, size should be set using sizex and sizey params - hidex,hidey : if True, hide x-axis and y-axis of parent - **kwargs : additional arguments passed to AnchoredScaleBars Returns created scalebar object """ def f(axis): l = axis.get_majorticklocs() return len(l) > 1 and (l[1] - l[0]) if matchx: kwargs['sizex'] = f(ax.xaxis) if matchy: kwargs['sizey'] = f(ax.yaxis) if 'labelx' not in kwargs or kwargs['labelx'] is None: kwargs['labelx'] = '%.3g %s' % (kwargs['sizex'] * scalex, unitsx) if 'labely' not in kwargs or kwargs['labely'] is None: kwargs['labely'] = '%.3g %s' % (kwargs['sizey'] * scaley, unitsy) sb = AnchoredScaleBar(ax.transData, **kwargs) ax.add_artist(sb) if hidex: ax.xaxis.set_visible(False) if hidey: ax.yaxis.set_visible(False) if hidex and hidey: ax.set_frame_on(False) return sb