plotLFPLocations([sim, axis, electrodes, ...])

Function to produce a plot of LFP electrode locations

netpyne.plotting.plotLFPLocations.plotLFPLocations(sim=None, axis=None, electrodes=['all'], includeAxon=True, returnPlotter=False, **kwargs)[source]

Function to produce a plot of LFP electrode locations

NetPyNE Options:

sim (NetPyNE sim object) – The sim object from which to get data.

Default: None uses the current NetPyNE sim object

  • axis (matplotlib axis) –

    The axis to plot into, allowing overlaying of plots.

    Default: None produces a new figure and axis.

  • electrodes (list) –

    A list of the electrodes to plot from.

    Default: ['all'] plots each electrode

  • includeAxon (bool) –

    Whether to include axons.

    Default: True

  • returnPlotter (bool) –

    Whether to return the figure or the NetPyNE MetaFig object.

    Default: False returns the figure.

Plot Options:
  • showFig (bool) – Whether to show the figure.

    Default: False

  • saveFig (bool) – Whether to save the figure.

    Default: False

  • overwrite (bool) – whether to overwrite existing figure files.

    Default: True overwrites the figure file

    Options: False adds a number to the file name to prevent overwriting


LFPLocationsPlot – By default, returns the figure. If returnPlotter is True, instead returns the NetPyNE MetaFig.

Return type:

matplotlib figure